Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Constitution of India is null & void

The Constitution of India is Null & Void ab initio.

The whole country should be put under the President' rule. The present government should be directed to spread awareness among the masses about the significance of the Constitution.A year of educational awareness campaign should be conducted. The government should also hold a referendum asking the people of India as to what type of governance they want.
This is essential because the Constitution of India is null and void, since it has been adopted in the name of the people of India without first obtaining their mandate/sanction. The Constituent Assembly as well as the interim government which adopted it on 26.1.1950 ( i.e. prior to the formation of the first Lok Sabha - a duly elected body by the people of India on adult suffrage in 1952) were a nominated body, - nominated by the foreign rulers, and the Constitution is nothing but a copy of the Govt of India Act of 1935.
Above all, the result/frustrations/system failure - its admission on the floor of the Lok Sabha by Dr Manmohan Singh, the then FM - are a proof that the people who adopted the Constitution and the Constitution both have failed the people of India. It is, therefore, necessary that we hold a referendum, like the European Union held even when its members states wanted a decision regarding membership and a common currency. That is a sign of a mature government showing respect for the will of the people.
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